Ninja 400 on the track

The Ninja 400 Rides Home

The Ninja 400 Rides Home

There are not many things that one can enjoy in the 2020 COVID environment while still adhering to social distancing. The sport of motorcycling is one activity that folks can still enjoy and businesses in this industry appear to be doing well despite the crisis. With that in mind, PAG received some feedback from the Ninja 400 winner – David Hildebrand – that we wanted to share.

Ninja 400 on the track

“I first heard of the Ninja 400 raffle at the end of August 2019 while looking at articles on RoadracingWorld.  After reading the details of the auction, I decided to take the gamble and buy some tickets.  As the tickets sold, Dee Ridgeway sent periodic emails updating all contestants on the status of the raffle.  Little by little, the tickets sold. The final ticket sold in the middle of December 2019.  All contestants were informed the lucky winner of the Ninja 400 would be announced on Christmas day.  On Christmas morning, I grew excited about the chance that I could win a race-ready Ninja 400 for an incredible price. As the time came for the winner announcement, I watched MAD4Motorsports’ Facebook Live feed.  Within a few minutes of the video, Dee Ridgeway announced the winning ticket number and it was mine!

I couldn’t believe it! Against all odds, I won the motorcycle.  Immediately, I realized the logistics required to get the motorcycle and three large boxes of the removed street bike parts from PowersportsEast in Delaware to Texas.  Luckily, I noticed on the raffle listing that Iconic Motorbikes has volunteered to orchestrate the shipment.  A quick phone call was made to Iconic Motorbikes and an immediate quote was provided.  Their shipment cost beat any other quote I could find online.  Within two to three weeks, I was put in direct contact with the delivery driver to determine the scheduled pickup and delivery times.

The driver arrived at PowersportsEast and loaded the motorcycle with all the boxes.  Rebecca Fasten, manager of PowersportsEast, provided pictures of the motorcycle from all angles and close-up photos of a minor blemish on the bodywork.  From pickup to delivery, the driver notified me of exactly where he was and what time he would be arriving.  Finally, the driver notified me the motorcycle would arrive.  The next day I met the driver at a location easy for his truck to access and loaded up the motorcycle and boxes into my truck.  In less than four weeks, I had gone from a raffle contestant to the proud owner of an immaculate race-ready 2019 Ninja 400.

Ninja 400 on the track, tight turn

“I couldn’t believe it… I’d won the motorcycle.”

The day after the motorcycle was delivered, I found I needed to travel to Maryland for business. After performing my work related tasks, I drove to PowersportsEast to meet Rebecca Fasten and her fantastic crew.  The next day, I met Dee Ridgeway to thank him for conducting the raffle and ensuring everything went smoothly.  I still can’t believe all of the amazing parts that helped build this motorcycle both in manpower and physical components.

Be on the lookout for Dee’s next raffle and jump on a chance to win a well made motorcycle full of high quality racing parts!

Thank you to Predictive Analytics Group, Mad4Motorsports, and all the participating vendors for the 2019 Ninja 400 Giveaway.”

-David Hildebrand

Once again thank you to the participating vendors, in particular Mad4Motorsports, for your collaboration and support.

Participating vendors:

  • Predictive Analytics Group
  • Mad4Motorsports
  • Bauce Racing
  • Powersports East
  • Iconic Motorbikes
  • HHR Performance
  • Road Racing World
  • Evolve GT
  • DC Paintworx
  • Drippin
  • Superbike Unlimited
  • Metric Devil Moto
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