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For the Mad4Motorsports Project Ninja 400, we wanted to make sure that we had the RIGHT performance items on the bike. Even the little things can make a difference!! Having worked with Superbike Unlimited in the past on a Project Honda CBR 1000 RR SP2 parts build (that produced 200+rwhp), we called SBU for some guidance and advice.

Superbike Unlimited is located adjacent to the Blue Hills Mountains of North Carolina – not too far from motorcycle heaven Deals Gap.

They are an exclusive importer and distributor of Lacomoto & Aliant Ultra-Light Batteries to the USA. SBU imports & carry a full range of products from everything to anything you can think of. You can find SBU supporting numerous racers often seen on the podium at MotoAmerica rounds. These guys know their stuff and provided great advice / guidance on the Project 400 Build.

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As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with SBU. Below are those excerpts.

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Mad4Motorsports:  Who are you guys and how did you get your start? How long has SBU been in business?

Superbike Unlimited: We’ve been in business since 2012.  We started in a very focused way, specializing primarily in ECU tuning, Ohlins suspension and Lacomoto bodywork / carbon fiber. We started there because we were deeply familiar with each of those products and Freddy already had a strong background in tuning and motorsports software programs. Freddy & Justin were the first team members. 

Mad4Motorsports: What products and services do you offer / are you well known for?

Superbike Unlimited: We offer a wide range of products and services, but we’ll keep it brief here. We are well known as OE Japanese motorcycle ECU tuners, because we’ve been leading that segment for the last few years in the USA. We also offer specialized electronics services, including MoTeC firmware tuning and configuration, as well as data analysis and application on many platforms. At our shop, we offer full suspension tuning and service and are an Ohlins service center. We offer comprehensive engine and chassis services as well, so we are a one-stop shop when it comes to building superbikes or any other kind of motorcycle. 

“SBU carries the following brands: Ohlins, Zeta, Attack Performance, SBS, Graves Motorsports, BrakeTech, OZ, Evol Technology, FTECU, Driven, Fast Frank Racing, Pirelli tires, Marchesini Wheels, Brembo Brakes, Vesrah Brakes, Beringer Brakes, CoreMoto, Spidi, Domino, AIM Data Systems, MWR, Yoshimura, Spiegler Performance Products, Sato Racing, Driven Racing, Vortex Racing, Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers, Woodcraft, Speedcell, SE Composites, Alien Motion ultra-light batteries and much, much more.”

Mad4Motorsports: What’s the hot item now with consumers and how have trends changed over time?

Superbike Unlimited: It would be hard for us to pinpoint a single hot item, a lot of that stays the same throughout the years. Exhaust systems and performance upgrades are always going to be a popular choice. Everyone wants parts to go fast, no matter the era!

Mad4Motorsports:  I see your decals / stickers everywhere (tv /racetracks / etc.). Do you support the small guy / weekend warrior / track junkie too?

Superbike UnlimitedYes, we directly support a lot of guys who are in the club circuit. Track day guys, less so. We typically look for special qualities in riders, where we feel our technical resources can bring their riding to another level and everyone wins. It’s not just about a discount when it comes to support. 

“SBU have an in-house race team consisting of multi time National and Regional Expert champions and we currently have dozens of sponsored road racers competing in AMA, WERA, CCS, CMRA and ARMA. Some of their professional racing partners in MotoAmerica have included Mathew Scholtz, Josh Herrin, Jason Aguilar, Bobby Fong, Kyle Wyman, Hayden Gilliam, Bryce Prince, Roi Holster, Trevor Standish & Steve Incledon”

Mad4Motorsports: You’ve been in the business for some time, how have times changed? 

Superbike Unlimited: That’s a tough one to answer. I’m inclined to say the biggest change for us has been motorcycle and component technology, so we place a big emphasis on training and working with cutting edge tech as much as possible.

Mad4Motorsports: What sets you guys apart from most shops?

Superbike Unlimited: I would say based on other places we’ve had experience at or worked with, we’re more of a technically oriented shop. We focus on the things we specialize in and not so much on the rest. 

Mad4Motorsports: Any cool shop projects on the horizon or just completed?

Superbike Unlimited: We’ve completed most of our 2019 SBU Superbike Project, which is a World Superbike specification 2019 ZX-10RR. It has a full MoTeC M1 ECU / electronics package, WSBK Ohlins suspension, billet gearbox, Suter billet swingarm, carbon bodywork, SBK fuel tank, etc. It’s a real showcase of our technical abilities as a shop and a pretty bad ass Superbike! We’ve got some really cool customer projects coming up this winter as well that won’t be horribly far off of this spec.  

Mad4Motorsports: What do you attribute SBU’s success to – What’s the secret sauce?

Superbike Unlimited: There is no secret sauce, we just strive to be good at what we do and we always aim to be better. Sounds simple, but that’s been our practice. 

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