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Shooting Hoops

Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Hoops

Over the last 28 months, Predictive Analytics Group (PAG) has been able to embrace a very healthy growth rate, including the addition of some very strong resources.  We continue to expand our product offerings, including the release of our Enterprise Data Platform, G.O.B.L.I.N., last year.  In addition, we continue to work with companies that span several verticals: some of which include Financial Services, Data Management, Operational Services, Casino Gaming, Sports Betting, Sports Analytics, Higher Education, Marketing, Modeling, and more.  The most important thing to us at Predictive Analytics Group is our dedication to our family, which includes our employees, our Partners, and our Clients.

With those sentiments in mind, I want to welcome our most recent addition to the PAG family;

April 1, 2019

David LaRoche – Managing Partner: Head of US Operations

David joins PAG as Managing Partner: Head of US Operations.  He will be responsible for oversight, management and expansion of PAG’s Operations.  He most recently was a Director of US Operations within Bridgeforce, where he was responsible for Client growth, Compliance oversight, improvement of Collection Strategies & Operations, and overall Operational efficiencies.  He also has held executive positions with American Express, Wells Fargo, Bank of America (MBNA), and Washington Mutual.  David is a graduate of the University of Delaware, is married, and has two beautiful daughters.  We welcome David and his family and look forward to working with him in expanding the business. 

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