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Shooting Hoops

Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Hoops

Posted: 6/4/2018

Over the last 15 months, Predictive Analytics Group (PAG) has grown by leaps and bounds.  We have expanded into many verticals outside of financial services, added a tremendous group of individuals to our family and continue to grow both internally & externally.  The most important thing to us at Predictive Analytics Group is our dedication to our family, which includes our employees and our Partners/Clients.  It’s been a fantastic first 2 years of the business, and we have a long list of individuals to thank.  You know who you are, and I would for sure leave many people out that deserve recognition.

With those sentiments in mind, I want to welcome our most recent additions to the PAG family and say goodbye to another;

April 2018

Shaun Root – Chief Technology Officer

Shaun joins PAG as it’s CTO, and will be responsible for technology, data infrastructure, and the master of dry humor.  Prior to PAG, Shaun has over 16 years of experience in multiple industries.  He most recently led the Platform Engineering group for Highmark Health, has held senior positions with Citibank, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, Homescan Data Systems, and several other IT related roles.  We welcome Shaun to the PAG family and look forward to both his humor & expertise.

May 2018

Ethan Jack – Chief Strategy Officer

Ethan joins PAG as it’s CSO and will be responsible for overseeing our Partner’s strategy implementation, reporting, collection strategies, and setting Tee-Times.  Prior to PAG, Ethan has over 22 years of professional experience within financial services, payments, and the textile industry.  His previous roles included senior roles within Barclaycard US, Swift Capital, W.L. Gore & Associates, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo & Bank of America (MBNA).  We welcome Ethan to the PAG family and look forward to both his experience & expertise.

June 2018

Dale Hoops – Chief Risk Officer

Dale joins PAG as it’s CRO and will have responsibility over internal and external Risks to both PAG and our Partners, Strategy & Model development, and keeping everyone in line.  Prior to PAG, Dale has over 22 years of financial services experience.  She most recently was an Executive for Bank of America with responsibilities for Consumer Credit Risk Oversight for Fraud & Credit Authorization strategies for North America.  Her previous roles include executive & senior roles within Citibank and MBNA.  We welcome Dale to the PAG family and look forward to both her experience and guidance.

June 2018

Rob Schrof – Senior Industry Consultant

Rob has been a long-time friend and resource of PAG, contributing a great deal to the business.  He has been our chief consultant on all Finance and Accounting programs.  In May 2018, Rob accepted a position to become the Head of Finance for Delaware State University.  We want to wish Rob good luck in his new position.  We look forward to working with him in the future as we continue our relationship with Delaware State University.  Read the full announcement here.

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