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Powersports East partnered with Mad4Motorsports and Predictive Analytics Group on securing a 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400. They are conveniently located near the areas of Wilmington , Dover, Philadelphia Chester county area, Salem county NJ area, Cecil county area MD, and Baltimore.

After speaking with General Manager Rebecca Fasten and Ryan Averell in Sales, a 400cc displacement motorcycle was chosen because of its appeal an universal flexibility for many riders. Kawasaki was the natural choice as it provided the best all-around package. Powersports East opened as Honda East in 1985 by the current owners and previous partners. The owners brought with them a road racing background as well as a love for motorcycle safety and rider education. Originally Honda was the only franchise, but in 1990 Yamaha was added. And then Polaris was added after Sea-Doo was dropped. 2002 brought big changes when the local Suzuki/ Kawasaki Suzuki/Kawasaki dealership became available for purchase. After operating two dealerships, it became clear that it was better to expand. Powersports East now has every major brand available to offer something for everyone !

As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with Rebecca Fasten from Powersports East. Below are those excerpts.

Powersports East: Website
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Mad4Motorsports: Where is Powersports East located and how long has the dealership been in business?  What special promotions do you offer ?

Powersports East: We are located at 620 Pulaski hwy in Bear, Delaware. We have been in business since 1985. Many open house specials take place annually and even feature appearances from many top racers. A robust online presence complete with a functional accessory store and a virtual showroom exists (Facebook, Instagram, etc). We often host many promotions in addition to having monthly riding excursions with our customers  – if you are local, check out the events list for all store happenings.

Mad4Motorsports: What manufacturers and products do you sell?

Powersports East: We sell Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Kymco and Stacyc electric balance bikes for kids. We sell motorcycles, ATV’s Side by sides, generators and scooters.

Mad4Motorsports: What motorcycles are in the highest demand this year?

Powersports East: The smaller displacement sport bikes are real popular this year and interest has skyrocketed.

Mad4Motorsports: Do you see a lot of new customers coming into the dealership as compared to prior years(kids, new riders, families, etc.)?

Powersports East: Not necessarily. The industry is always changing. To keep up with changing times, we have a superstore packed full of more diverse accessories to feed your appetite for every aspect of cruisers/v-twins, dirt bikes, street bikes, ATVs, side x side and scooters riding. We pride ourselves on the friendliness and knowledge of our staff and welcome you to join our family of enthusiasts.

Mad4Motorsports: What type of signature customer events do you have every year?

Powersports East: We hold bike nights every third Thursday of the month from April to Sept. We have an auction and bargain barn tent once a year usually in the fall. We hold educational seminars in the dealership over the winter months.

Mad4Motorsports: Describe what the sales experience is like (i.e.: do you take trades) and how long does it take to take ownership after you walk into the dealership to buy a motorcycle?

Powersports East: Salespeople here are very knowledgeable and listen carefully to the customer’s needs and desires. We do accept trades as well as consign customer’s units. The buying process can be very quick if the customer knows exactly what they want and are not financing the unit. That process could be as quick as an hour and 1/2, which is the time needed to get a bike prepped and ready for delivery. Normally though it takes a few hours to take ownership. We also take care of all necessary titling and registration required in the purchase of a new unit.

Mad4Motorsports: Describe the customer experience with the parts and service departments?

Powersports East: The parts and service staff have a lot of experience working in the industry and are your best experts when it comes to diagnosing issues or looking for parts and accessories. Much of the staff has been with the business a long time and there is a real family feeling to this dealership with our staff and our customers.

Mad4Motorsports: How does your financing work and are there different options based on the manufacturer?

Powersports East: Each manufacturer uses different banks. Honda uses their own bank, and they also have a Honda card that is through Citibank. Kawasaki and Suzuki use Synchrony and Sheffield. They also offer cards through Citibank. Yamaha uses Synchony offers lending through their own bank as well as a Yamaha card which is through Citibank. We also offer lending through Lendmark. Anyone can apply securely off our web site, or in person. We typically get an answer back if they have been approved within 15 minutes or sooner. 

Mad4Motorsports: Do you offer insurance?

Powersports East: Yes, we do offer insurance and have an in-house insurance agent. We write insurance for Dairyland, Ryder and Progressive. 

Mad4Motorsports: If someone is a new rider / never rode before – what options do you provide for the novice / entry rider?

Powersports East: Our dealership has many entry level, small displacement CC motorcycles for new riders to choose from in both sport configuration and cruisers. We also have a large selection of pre-owned units as well. We have very thoughtful and knowledgeable staff and take the time to make sure that we get the new rider on the correct bike for them, one that will not overpower them as they learn but still meets all their desires in a motorcycle. If a new rider prefers to have us deliver their new motorcycle to their home, we are able to accommodate that as well. 

Mad4Motorsports: Why buy from your dealership over another and what does the “we are in the fun business” mean?

Powersports East: We are a family owned business and enjoy working with each other and in the Powersports industry. For most people, motorcycling and riding ATV’s, scooters and off-road product is a hobby and fun. We are happy to be able to provide the motor sports enthusiasts with options for their passion. Buying from Powersports East is more than just a single transaction of a new bike. You become part of our community. Plus, if you invest in an extended warranty with you purchase you get VIP treatment, meaning free pickup and delivery whenever you need to get the unit back for service work and discounts on labor and accessories. Additionally, Powersports East organizes group rides throughout the year and if you join us on one of these street rides and have recently purchased a bike, we treat you to a free lunch. 

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