Using Business Intelligence to Fine-Tune Operating Room Utilization

Business intelligence tools can give healthcare organizations more insight into complex operational problems like allocating OR time.

Source: Thinkstock

By Jennifer Bresnick

December 06, 2017 – Surgical space is a finite resource for hospitals and health systems, and it is also one of the most important. Long wait times for an operating room are simply unacceptable for most physicians and their patients, especially when emergency situations arise.

Even worse is an OR that has booked for a provider but consistently remains empty during the scheduled hours, says Yi-An Huang, Director of Operations at Boston Medical Center (BMC) – especially when the mismatch could be avoided through better big data analytics and the use of business intelligence tools.

“It’s not a very good look when you have physicians complaining that their patients can’t get into the OR fast enough, but when you go to check on the situation, the room is empty because it was blocked off for someone who didn’t end up using it.”

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