Top 3 Health Data Breaches Impact Nearly 1.5M Individuals

The largest reported health data breaches thus far in 2017 have potentially affected nearly 1.5 million people, with hacking being the leading cause.

Source: Thinkstock

By Elizabeth Snell

September 15, 2017 – Hacking and IT security issues, including phishing scams and ransomware attacks, are still the leading causes for the largest health data breaches in 2017, according to data from OCR.

The three largest incidents thus far – two of which are classified as either hacking or an IT incident – have also potentially impacted 1,497,800 individuals.

No healthcare provider can ensure that a data breach will never take place, but these incidents further show why organizations need to take the time to regularly review their physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Comprehensive employee training is also critical, especially with ransomware attacks on the rise.

Entities of all sizes need to feel confident that staff members can potentially recognize an attack, and report it to the proper authorities instead of clicking on or opening a malicious link or email.

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