How Blockchain Is Set To Transform The Healthcare Sector

By 2020, global annual health spending is expected to go over US$8.734 trillion. In spite of that, there is a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the quality of services and the high cost that people face in order to access them. The healthcare industry had long been identified as being one of those that had the most potential to be disrupted by blockchain technology, but actual implementations were few and far between, possibly due to the industry’s traditional reluctance to incorporate new technologies, until they have been proven to be reliable and safe enough. Nowadays though, there are myriad blockchain use cases coming to the fore, changing things up and future-proofing the industry.

Records management

One of the foremost attractions of the blockchain and many of the currencies it spawned is the accurate record-keeping it facilitates, so it’s no surprise that the same feature is a major draw for the healthcare industry where there is a need for professionals and patients to have absolute confidence in the correctness of the information that is presented at any given time.

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