AGA Numbers Suggest Tribal Gaming Is A $100 Billion Industry

By Martin Derbyshire

The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently released a study indicating the economic impact of Native American casinos across the United States is approaching $100 billion.

>The report is titled The Economic Impact of Tribal Gaming: A First-Ever State-by-State Analysis. It debuted at a round table discussion with gaming leaders in Oklahoma City this week. The roundtable discussion was a part of AGA’s Get to Know Gaming campaign. 


As the name indicates, the report is said to be the first-ever state-by-state analysis of the impact of Native American gambling operations on the US economy. The report found that Tribal gaming supports as many as 635,000 jobs that generate over $33 billion in employee wages.

Also, it indicated Tribal casinos have an economic impact of nearly $97 billion. Moreover, they generate close to $16 billion in taxes and direct payments to federal, state and local governments.

Read the full article here.

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