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Because the Mad4Motorsports Project Ninja 400 giveaway is across the entire US, we contacted our friend Adam Tromp at Iconic Motorbikes for suggestions on shipping across the country. Once Adam heard what we were doing and that is was for a good cause – all proceeds are donated to the RoadracingWorld Action Fund – he offered to help with preferred pricing on the shipping of the 2019 Ninja 400 if the lucky winner isn’t on the East coast area. Lucky for us given that numerous participants from all over the USA have bought decal kits.

Iconic Motorbikes is located right outside of LAX in Los Angeles California and they specialize in finding and securing rare hard to find classic and unique motorcycles. Iconic Motorbikes has a full-service shop, a bike museum, an auction service, an “in-house white glove service”, and they offer transportation services. Their full array of options meets their clientele’s needs and they strive to exceed expectation levels.

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As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with Adam from Iconic Motorbikes. Below are those excerpts.

Mad4Motorsports: Who are you guys and how did you get your start

Iconic Motorbikes: The team is made up of Adam, Danny, Abhi, Stephen and Sandro.  All very much “Motorbike Enthusiasts”.  I’ve been riding since my first dirt bike at 8 years old, owned another shop in Orange County. My professional career was booming, and I was spending half my time working in Hong Kong, so I had to shut that operation down.  I’ve owned just about every bike throughout my life from my first street bike that was traded to me for my mustang at 18 (a 1986 Ninja 1000R) to soon to follow FZR600’s, ZX7’s, GSXR’s….the addiction began as a young man and never stopped.  We would frequent bike nights, street racing in Ontario, drag racing at Carlsbad and constant runs through Ortega Hwy, Palomar Mountain Road and more than my fair share of time at Willow Springs.  Danny was more a West Side guy frequenting Button Willow, track schools, the Rock Store, etc.  Steve comes to us with 30 years PLUS wrenching experience and most of his time down in the San Diego area.  He worked for many of the San Diego Dealers, builds Russ Collin JR’s drag motors (even to this day) and worked for Lee’s cycles, Veyes Motorsports….the list is LONG!  Abhi’s history on two wheels can be found on his site Bike-Urious and still to this day gets a constant supply of test bikes from all the manufacturers.  Every time I see him, he’s on a different NEW BIKE or traveling to test one.  He is most certainly an Enthusiast!

Mad4Motorsports: How did you get your unique business name – is there a story?

Iconic Motorbikes: I’ve had the business IDEA for many years.  I’d say I’ve been thinking about it my entire adult life.  When I worked for weeks on end in Hong Kong (A former Exec in the Toy Industry) I would run out of things to do as TV isn’t so great out there.  I would spend much of my time drafting up the list of bikes I’d need, the business plan, the budgets….etc.  When it came to pulling the trigger on the plan, Danny and I went back and forth but it was my wife and I sitting in a Spa tub at our condo one night.  I said….I need something that represents what these bikes are.  Something that shows how every bike is Iconic to Someone….then I said, wait, Iconic Motorbikes!  Thankfully the name was available.  Being an Australian by Birth, never cared for the term Motorcycles so Motorbikes was the only option!

Mad4Motorsports: What products and services do you offer?

Iconic Motorbikes: Anything and I mean ANYTHING Motorbike related.  Full-service shop, restorations, searching for specific bikes, our auctions, retail, movie rentals, parts from around the world….truly, anything you can think of.

Mad4Motorsports: Describe your auction and white glove service? 

Iconic Motorbikes: The Auction site is oriented towards Motorbikes more than any other site / platform.  I’ve personally bought a large amount of bikes from both online auctions, online listings, print classifieds and quite a few from live Auctions.  I wanted to really understand the pros and cons of all and come up with one platform that brings the best facets of each one to one very easy to use, very friendly platform.  Abhi and I spent countless hours coming up with what is now known as Iconic Motorbike Auctions.  Verified bidders help eliminate all the fake bids on other sites.  Verified Sellers and fact checking helps eliminate Scams or hackers.  Vin checks verify mileage is correct.  Large photo buckets help show every angle, every flaw and any imperfection.  Running videos (where possible) help show that you’re not purchasing a money pit of someone else’s problem….etc etc.  As far as White Glove Services, The White Glove Dept knows you’re busy and perhaps you don’t know who to trust, we will do the heavy lifting for you.  We can help with the financial transaction, transportation, getting the bike serviced, finding hard to source parts, storage…..anything you need, we can pretty much help for a very nominal fee.

Mad4Motorsports: If someone is looking for a particular bike, how do they get on the list – what can’t you find?  

Iconic Motorbikes: They just need to drop us an email.  The amount to bikes that come our way, the collectors we already have online and the list of available bikes just keeps growing.  What can’t we find?  In time, we seem to run across just about anything and everything.

Mad4Motorsports: What is the rarest bike you have located for a customer?  

Iconic Motorbikes: One of our clients asked for a couple very special, verified and confirmed race bikes.  Both were Ducati’s.  It just so happened, we already knew who had them and both now have a new owner thanks to our help.

Mad4Motorsports: Have you come in contact with any famous people or racers in your travels?

Iconic Motorbikes: Quite a few.  Many Athletes, many former Racers and even more current ones.   The list of Actors and top Executives continues to grow on our Client list as we’ve become a hassle free, no nonsense source for their difficult requests.

Mad4Motorsports: What sets you guys apart from most shops?  

Iconic Motorbikes:  we are like no other Brand.  We pride ourselves on staying transparent, we pay our clients the minute we receive funds for their bike being sold, we go the extra mile to make sure both Sellers and Buyers are happy and have our own collection with a Brick & Mortar Dealership to show we’re sticking around and will be here when they need us.

Mad4Motorsports: Any cool shop projects on the horizon or just completed?

Iconic Motorbikes: Cleaning up a 0 mile NR750 Honda as we speak and preparing it for Auction.  Building Adam’s “No Expense Spared” TL1000R which is one of the very rare Yosh TLR’s with the dry clutch and very trick / Factory parts.  We have so many amazing bikes, special projects coming through on a weekly basis, not sure where to start and where to end.

Mad4Motorsports: What’s your business moto – why do you like what you do?

Jumbotron image at Laguna Seca of Iconic Motorbikes

Iconic Motorbikes: Every Bike is Iconic to Someone and we live by that statement.

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