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For the MAD4Motorsports Project Ninja 400 build, we knew we wanted to make the bike track ready. To do it right, we knew we wanted to get good reputable body work for the little Ninja. With a quick phone call to our friends at HHR performance, Mark Harper made some recommendations and we were good to go.  The HHR race body work came in and bolted right up – real user friendly! Given Mark and Brandon’s background, we also got a few additional things for the Ninja 400 (Motion Pro ¼ turn throttle and kill switch, MWR filter, etc.).

HHR is an online performance parts store specializing in quality performance parts. They sell the products that they know, they use, and that they can stand behind. They have a diverse product line that includes anything a racer will need to get through the weekend / race a full season and anything the weekend warrior will need to get his / her bike to the next level.

HHR performance understands that motorcycle racing and motorcycle riding is “Not just a passion, it’s an obsession”.

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As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with Anthony from Bauce Racing. Below are those excerpts.

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Mad4Motorsports: Who are you guys and how did you get your start? How long has HHR been in business? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: We are HHR Performance, Mark Harper and Brandon Hope. We started a Team called Hustlehardracing, we met and have been involved in the industry since 2013 as a team of racers, and then in 2015 as a business. We are now based out of Sandpoint Idaho.

Mad4Motorsports: How did you get your unique business name – is there a story? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: Hustle Hard Racing was a name we came up with on our way home from Miller Motorsports Park (now Utah Motorsports Campus), It was something that Mark and I had in common in life and value, and that was Hustle. We never give up, we always grind.  We hustle hard, all day, every day. Hence our mantra “Its more than just a Passion, It’s an Obsession”. Mark said from the beginning, racing is Hard, finding sponsors and being able to grid up every round you have to Hustle. Both on Track and Off Work Hard Play Hard.

Mad4Motorsports: What products and services do you offer / are you well known for? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: We offer over 70 different brands of quality performance parts from around the world and are the distributors for Carbonin Bodywork, Teknofibra Heat Shield Products, and Alpha racing parts specific to BMW from Germany. We always are on the lookout for new and exciting things to bring to our customers.

Mad4Motorsports: What’s the hot item now with consumers and how have trends changed over time? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: Great Question, we have seen a shift in the race paddock to having a better aesthetic presence. Its more about looking the part and representation for current and potential sponsors along with having the parts that you can rely on. One of the hottest sellers we always see is having the parts for the newest models first. As people and racers are itching to transform them into a track beast at the earliest opportunity. The latest craze for parts are for the 2020 K67 BMW S1000RR and the Kawasaki Ninja 400, which we have stockpiled a horde of parts for.

Ninja 400 Performance Items : Here

Mad4Motorsports: Do you work with any well-known racers or racing teams? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: We have sponsored teams and racers such as Andrew Lee, Stefano Mesa , Norris racing who have 3 riders, Michael Gilbert in stock1000, Carolin Olsen and Benjamin Smith in Supersport. We work with Omega Moto, in Superbike with Cameron Peterson and Cory Ventura in supersport and Jayson Uribe. We have sponsored Benny Solis, Bobby Fong with Latus Motors Racing, Road Race Factory and We are also a technical supplier for Graves Racing who we supply Carbonin Bodywork to.

Mad4Motorsports: Do you support racers / visit the tracks?  

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: We have our own racing team called Hustle Hard Racing. And we have competed in Moto America, before that with Geico Superbike shootout and raced in Utah and the Northwest before coming to AFM on the west coast and CVMA in the Winter. We sponsor about 20 racers around the nation and some up and coming racers who have gone over to the UK to gain more experience. We are racers first and foremost and make it a priority to be at the track as much as possible. That is why we have been doing trackside support for the AFM racers for the past 3 years. Before that, we serviced the Oregon Motorcycle road racing Association. It is hard to be everywhere at once, but we would if we could.

Mad4Motorsports: You’ve been in the business for some time, how have times change? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: Companies and Distributors come and go, and with that we see opportunity. Nothing is ever consistent or stays the same in this industry, you always have to be ready to catch the next big wave if you want to succeed. You need to find your niche and we feel like we are on the right path with the BMW, but it just doesn’t stop there. 

Mad4Motorsports: What sets you guys apart from most shops?

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: We are known to be more of a boutique shop rather a mall for motorcycle enthusiasts on the track. We actually use the products we sell, and actively place boots on the grounds with our racers in the paddock across the country.

Mad4Motorsports: Any cool shop projects on the horizon or just completed? 

HHR Performance – Mark / Brandon: Our last build was the 2018 S1000RR which we won a championship with at AFM.  But it’s time to focus and learn more about the 2020 K67 BMW S1000RR – and it is looking like a tasty snack. Honestly, look out for the owners to be throwing a leg over some of the HHR beasts and slicing and dicing with our customers in 2020 at AFM : ) It’s funny when you’re not known in a paddock for racing but being more of a crew chief or for “running the shop”. We may just surprise a few fast guys. 

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