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Getting the Mad4Motorsports Project 400 Ninja track ready was only ½ the exercise. Once the project was completed, we wanted to make sure that the track ready little Ninja had the opportunity to stretch its legs on the track itself. Up to the challenge was Evolve GT and they jumped all in with free and discounted track days which was more than expected.

Evolve GT is based in Virginia and hosts events at tracks all over the Eastern USA. They focus on providing the best experience in a safe environment. The staff is certified and are experienced professionals that know the best way to communicate with all experience levels on the track (newbie to amateur/pro).

Mad4Motorsports did a few track days with Evolve GT( not on the 400 Ninja : ) at Summit Point and NC Bike and all I can say is that they are a top-notch organization. Organized and helpful coaches across the board. Coaches that are willing to show you the line on the track (not leave you behind or struggling to keep up) and provide pointers and tidbits of information to make sure that the day / weekend is enjoyable and safe.

Evolve GT Track Days VIR

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As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with partner / instructor Mark Lienhard from Evolve GT. Below are those excerpts.

Evolve GT: Website
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Mad4MotorsportsHow was Evolve GT created + How long have you been in business?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Evolve GT started in 2016 from the need of a new perspective on learning to ride the track. We felt many riders were apprehensive to try track days and looked for building our organization with much more emphasis on the “new” rider. Customer service, personality and great coaching had to be at the top of the list. Evolve started attracting new and seasoned riders by continually adapting our process and improving on the feedback we received from riders.

Mad4Motorsports: What is the typical track day rider look like?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): All walks of life, youngsters to seniors and everything in between. Can you ride a motorcycle? We want to see you! The family atmosphere makes the events seem like mini vacations. 

Mad4Motorsports: What prep work does it take to be ready for a track day?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Almost nothing. Just unplug the lights (no distraction), tape over glass mirrors or remove, make sure the tires are in great shape and everything else is in excellent mechanical condition. Stock motorcycles are absolutely acceptable! Nothing can have leaks. We can even provide you with rental leathers, gloves and boots if needed.

Mad4Motorsports: What do folks typically forget to do / prep for track days?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Register in advance – Evolve GT is completely automated! Tech in is a simple as signing the electronic check in. Make sure you are rested and feeling refreshed. Don’t panic if things get confusing in the morning, take your time and ask all the questions you want – there will be a lot of track time. We recommend if you are new to do 2 days in a row. Learning is much easier this way giving yourself more time to soak it all in.

Mad4Motorsports: What does the average track day look like and how are folks placed in the groups?

How to do a motorcycle track day:

Evolve GT ( Mark ): An inviting atmosphere with professional racers to “which way do we go” riders. No ego! Riders are grouped more by predictability than speed (pace is a factor though). The website has a lot of information on how it works. Proper grouping is the secret to safe events.

Mad4Motorsports: What tracks do you frequent, and which is your personal favorite track?

Evolve GT track days at NC Bike – What’s it like?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): We have events at NJMP, VIR, Cota, Summit, NCBIKE, Pocono, Palmer, NYST, Pitt Race, Thompson, New Hampshire, NCM and a few others. Many of these tracks have multiple circuits. Favorite track – if there is asphalt and turns, it’s a favorite.

Evolve Gt Tracks : here

Mad4Motorsports: How is riding the track different than street riding?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): MUCH SAFER! Sounds crazy, but there is much less interference on a racetrack. Best of all there are no cars, no speed limits, it’s always the largest group ride you will ever be on and it’s a controlled environment. Very few unknowns when on a track.

Mad4Motorsports: What is the typical Evolve GT coach background ? What is the target / typical  coach / rider ratio?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Personality is number one! Our coaches must like helping other riders over anything else. They all must go through our training before becoming a coach / instructor. This ensures we are teaching from the same principles to keep information easy to understand and the same from event to event. Evolve GT averages 8:1 ratio of riders to coaches.

Mad4Motorsports: Who are some of the popular riders that have participated at an Evolve GT event?

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Brandon Paasch, Josh Herrin and Stefano Mesa to name a few. MotoGP to CCS and everything in between. 

Mad4Motorsports: What companies do you partner with to better support your riders?

Motogirl GT

Evolve GT ( Mark ): Michelin, Pirelli, Hazardous Racing, Ride Smart, Penguin Racing, Big Boyz Toys, Trackside Parts Club, Woodcraft, NJMiniGP, MotoGirl GT, Custom Performance, Metric Devil Moto, Impactbarrier.com, Airfence.com, TracksideTires.com and more.

Mad4Motorsports: What separates your tack day events from others? 

Evolve GT feels like ? :

Evolve GT1 Training :

Evolve GT ( Mark ): The coaching and atmosphere – 100%.  Safety is of utmost importance to how we operate a successful event. You have to experience it! Having the best selection of events is pretty good also. 

Evolve GT misc videos : here

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