Employee Spotlight: John Miller

Employee Spotlight: John Miller


John Miller’s search for balance has been a lifelong endeavor.  He has a natural affinity and passion for the creative arts: a love for pastels, oil on canvas, and early American tray painting.  His logical, math-oriented career as a CPA at a large accounting firm demanded long hours and left little time for pursuing creativity.  All the while, he desired to be with his new family and children as they experienced their lives.

In his own words:

“I had reached a tipping point. Over successive career moves I gravitated to positions that allowed me to become intimate with the business, its goals and its people. The positions importantly allowed me to bring more right brain creativity and imaginative ways to apply the “art” of business finance in solving problems and in “finding a way” to accomplish business objectives.

Stress is a factor in all work, and I tried many things to facilitate stress relief, work/ life harmony and inner peace.  Finally, Tai Chi Chih found me. As a consultant and Predictive Analytics Group team member, a Tai Chi Chih accredited teacher and now with the time and flexibility to rediscover my artistic love, I feel more balanced and grounded than ever.”

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