Employee Spotlight: Thomas Cooper

Employee Spotlight: Thomas cooper

This month’s employee spotlight focuses on PFC. Thomas Cooper. Thomas is a graduate of NEHS in Manchester, PA.  After graduation Thomas left for 10 months to become a U.S. Marine, and has recently returned. Before joining the Marines, Thomas was a part-time employee of Predictive Analytics Group and worked on projects such as web development, design, and video editing.

Now in the Marine Reserves, Thomas has rejoined Predictive Analytics Group’s technology department and will pursue his higher education by earning degrees in computer science and video editing, while working at PAG.

“I have PAG to thank for this opportunity to gain knowledge and experience and for allowing me flexibility to serve my country. The military has made me realize how important discipline and motivation are.  As I grow, I will apply this discipline and motivation to help achieve our PAG technology goals.”

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