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Getting the performance and the right accessories is only ½ the battle. Any good running street or track bike needs to look the business. In order to get the right “look” for the Mad4 Motorsports Project Ninja 400 – we contacted Bart DeFrancesco from DC Paintworx and Chris Krunzel from DrippinWet.com.

When you think of Bart and Chris – classic team-ups come to mind like Batman and Robin, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Captain Kirk and Spock, ok you get it– these guys are great and even better when they are working on the same project bike.

First thing we did was provide the HHR bodywork to DC Paintworx and a body panel so that the OEM metallic black Kawasaki Ninja 400 could be color matched. Second, we worked with Drippinwet.com to create a custom decal kit for the Mad4Motorsports Ninja 400 and once done, Chris sent them to DC Paintworx to be applied. Then Bart took pictures, sent them for review and shipped the custom bodywork to MAD4Motorsports – easy peasy!!

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As part of our vendor Q/A series – we had an open discussion with Bart from DC Paintworx and Chris DrippinWet.com . Below are those excerpts

Drippin Wet: Website
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DC Paintworx: Facebook

Mad4Motorsports:  How did you get your start?

Dripping Wet.com:  I got started by painting helmets.

DC Paintworx: As we all know track riding / racing is a expensive hobby and I had to find a way to make extra cash to race.

Mad4Motorsports:  Why do you love what you do?

Dripping Wet.com:  it’s a job but it’s a fun job, plus I like the industry.

DC Paintworx: I love to see the customers react when they see their ideas come to a reality. My bike’s always look hot and it puts money back into the sport we all love. 

Mad4Motorsports: How did you two form your business collaboration?

Dripping Wet.com: We had a plan and just ran with it.

DC Paintworx: Hanging out in the garage coming up with ideas on how to make it work. 

Mad4Motorsports: What is the typical customer experience like – how does it work?

Dripping Wet.com: Usually people call me, email me, message me to go over any designs. Once I get the design – I create a sample and preset to the customer for feedback. Once I have their final ok – I create the decals. Bart at DC Paintworx typically applies the decals after he completes painting the bodywork.

DC Paintworx: My customers always tell me how easy it was to work with me, and they are always pleased. 

It always starts with customers emailing me asking a few simple questions. I answer them and ask them a few questions to see what kind of colors and ideas they have and for them to send me pics if they have them. 

Mad4Motorsports: Who are some of the riders / teams you work with?

Dripping Wet.com: YAMAHA, HSBK Racing, WESTBY Racing, MESA Racing, Shoei, Andrew Lee Racing, Babuska Racing, Shane Hobgood, Corey Heflin, Norris Racing Josh Hayes/MP Racing

DC Paintworx: Over the years there have been so many. Team Pro Motion, Absolute Cycle, N2 Trackdays, Mark Heckles, Frankie Babuska, Brandon Paasch, Brandon Cretu, Anthony Mazziotto, Jimmy Fotinopoulous and many many more top CCS racers and Moto America racers. 

Mad4Motorsports: What is your favorite bodywork and bike to work with?

Dripping Wet.com: sharkskinz and any bike really.

DC Paintworx: For the past couple of years the Yamaha R1 and R6 has been the most popular sets that we have been painting. The two most popular brand of Bodywork is Sharkskinz and Armour Bodies. 

Mad4Motorsports: What do you paint/ build decals for outside of mc bodywork?

Dripping Wet.com: Not much really, just mainly stick to motorcycles.

DC Paintworx: All motorcycles

Mad4Motorsports: Anything you want folks to know about you?

DC Paintworx: As a racer who has been in the race/track scene 22 years I know what it is like to be on the other side as a customer and I always treat my customers as I would like to be treated. 

We have been painting race/track bikes since 2005 14 years. To paint a set, it usually takes a couple of days depending on the type of scheme. But most of the time it will take about two weeks by the time it arrives here until it gets in the paint booth. It will depend on scheduling and how many sets I have here at the time. 

During the race season of a customer needs it ASAP for the next race weekend I can usually shuffle a set or two around to make sure the customer can have it back in time. All the parts are painted in a professional Blowtherm paint booth using quality urethane base paint materials. 

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