Unsecured / Secured / Student Loans

Unsecured / Secured / Student LoansPredictive Analytics Group has extensive experience working with Unsecured and Student Loan portfolios, and lightly with Secured products, to build best-in-class lending operations. Our expertise includes working within large financial institutions managing major functions within the Prime and Sub-Prime loan types, working with Student Loan portfolios to optimize marketing analytics and underwriting strategies to improve overall portfolio profitability, and detailed projects with several start-ups designing Unsecured Loan products from the ground up. Fix term loans require firm risk management to be profitable and hit loss performance forecasts.

At PAG we make a concerted effort to understand your overall business goals, assess your risk appetite and review your capital position (and future capital targets) to meet your project needs. We have worked with companies to:

  • Improve marketing response rates through response model development enhancements, and implement champion / challenger and test / control approaches to ensure a continued improvement of strategies over time
  • Work with Student Loan portfolios to target the right customers, and the underwriting strategies to complement the marketing approach
  • Work with the marketing team to optimize product placement and lead generation, including digital, direct mail, email, mass media and other outlets
  • Score-card review, enhancements & model governance for underwriting processes
  • Underwriting enhancements, whether automated or judgmental, including branch operations, call-center or system-based lending
  • Evaluate portfolio mix to ensure overall credit quality aligns to long-term investment goals, cost-of-credit and provisioning needs
  • Design a “from-scratch” end-to-end lending operation, including a marketing system, lending operating system (LOS), system-of-record (SOR) and operations center, including the strategies to manage each system and process. This includes ensuring everything meets current regulatory and compliance guidelines, internal compliance program development and risk policy guidelines

We understand the performance lift from “soft secured” to “hard secured” loans and we have leveraged internal score cards to responsibly manage repeat customer business / rewrites. In recent years, there has been a growing number of market place lenders (MPLs) in this space, which PAG has advised and consulted with several of them on their business growth strategies and recent hurdles surrounding compliance and loss forecasting hurdles. PAG ensures that we help you with responsible, profitable and sustainable loan growth that meets both you and your investor’s goals.

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