Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics is an evolving market, proven to be here to stay. The need for sports analytics grows every season that passes, including sports organizations trying to increase ticket sales, merchandise movement and especially talent evaluation. Additionally, the fantasy sports market has transformed into a massive multi-billions dollar industry which is highly centered around analytics, especially forecasting. Predictive Analytics Group has been extremely effective in using data and analytics to navigate the market and be successful in predicting performance and trends within the sports world.

The saying “win at all costs” is not in the vocabulary of most sports organizations in today’s market. Using data and analytics to complement your industry experience gives you a leg up in finding that diamond in the rough and giving your organization the best chance of success. This includes large sports organizations evaluating talent for the upcoming draft, or the smaller entrepreneur trying to fit that last spot in his Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineup to stay below the cap. Being able to say “that dog can hunt” from a player performance perspective is an advantage every player in the market wants to have.

Your goal may be to put a product on display that you can be proud of and excites your fans, thus “putting folks in the seats”. PAG will partner with you by looking at historical data, identifying trends, using proprietary algorithms and developing a solid recommendation that fits your ultimate goals, which will lead to “game changing” results. To maintain a competitive advantage, understanding the data and knowing how to use it is critical. With PAG, you are bringing experts “off the bench &into the game” with a proven track record, across multiple industries, utilizing data to drive quality decisions that optimize profits and performance. We will work with you to create and enhance multi-channel marketing models to improve sales and fan attendance, identify trends in fan behavior to improve revenue and ultimately bring your fan engagement to the next level.

In addition to fan intelligence, talk to us about player and team analytics. This is the “wave of the future” in sports at all levels with new data analytics driving change. This includes DFS algorithms that can better help target player rankings and overall decision point analytics.

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