Private Label & Co-Brand Partner

Private Label & Co-Brand Partner

Predictive Analytics Group are considered industry experts within partnership management from both the partner side and the bank side of the equation. The success behind effective partner relationships is to ensure that both sides of the relationship is accounted for when looking to optimize the product.

PAG works with several partners within the Travel & Entertainment industry, Sports Teams and Retail private label and co-brand relationships. We also have extensive experience managing large individual portfolios within the banking industry (including an individual portfolio of $30B in receivables) to managing the Risk Management function for a large multi-portfolio organization (totaling $22B in receivables and 50+ partner relationships), including direct relationships with the partners themselves.

Our goals working with partners are to:

  • Ensure the value proposition of the product is in line with customer needs, financial goals and overall product construction
  • Assist partners with contract negotiation, including the RFP process, existing contract extensions, product launches and product enhancements
  • Review financial dynamics between the partner and their bank to ensure that the financial structure aligns to the business needs (i.e. account bounty, profit-share, revenue-share, basis points of sales, etc…)
  • Help the partner understand the benefits of the product, including product movement, customer relationship, inventory management, rewards program compliment, revenue generation or an overall profit center

PAG also works extensively with banks that deal with partner portfolios to assist with relationship management, portfolio management, product optimization, value-prop evaluation and market assessments. Our goal is to help the banks ensure they are set-up for long-term success managing their relationships with their partners. In addition to partner management, we also have deep experience with private label and co-brand card strategies (please see Credit Card Product). We will also work with you through the RFP process of new and existing relationships, including market assessment, portfolio valuations, due diligence and general negotiation assistance.

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