Credit Card Product

Credit Card Product

Predictive Analytics Group has deep experience across the entire lifecycle of the credit card product. Areas of expertise include marketing campaigns (affinity and branded), response models, credit underwriting strategies, card activation, rewards programs, fraud strategies (new account, existing account & first person), authorizations strategies & treatment, retention, credit line management, early stage / late stage collections, loss mitigation and back end recovery. We also have additional experience managing all size co-brand and branded portfolios within Risk Management, Operations Management, Finance, Marketing, Partner Relationship Management, Forecasting and Provisioning.

We have practical experience and learned perspectives through numerous credit cycles and regulatory environment changes. We have experienced periods with high growth volumes and favorable performance, periods of flat growth or increased balance attrition timed with rising charge-offs and many scenarios in between. PAG have been considered experts in the credit card industry for quite a long time, speaking at several industry conferences, contributing to many industry roundtables and advising several start-ups on setting up credit card operations.

PAG will work with you to review, evaluate, design, implement or track card strategies across the entire product life-cycle, including model governance. Our experts work with you to address all of your needs from improving your marketing approach with better targeting, improve underwriting by optimizing approval rates across risk tiers, designing early fraud identification strategies and managing a respectable line assignment strategy, based on product, profitability and performance expectations, all the way through improving your account management strategies with a line progression policy, authorization approach, and general business policy alignment.

Our experience extends through the account management life cycle to collection operations and strategies, including early stage and late stage delinquency bubbles, increasing collector efficiency, optimized settlement strategies, and increased recovery rates on liquidated paper. We review and help understand account based and balance based performance vintages, help navigate the regulatory environment including vendor management, and promote the responsible use of portfolio curing to reduce delinquency.

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