Business Consulting / Start Ups

Business Consulting / Start Ups

Working through several recessions and economic booms over the past four decades, we have garnered experience and have lived through numerous business plans that have underwent successes and failures. Whether it was an ill-fated business model that found their niche and ultimately succeeded, to quality planned and executed business designs that were timed incorrectly, eventually failing due to some small hurdle or economic shift that could not be overcome or predicted. Predictive Analytics Group has the knowledge and experience through all facets of start-ups from the executive / partner level, down to the customer facing level within operations. We have helped successfully launch several start-ups as partners, consultants and advisory roles. We have had significant success with several players in the market today, helping them understand their business models holistically. Having experience as customer service agents, collectors and telemarketers all the way to Senior Executive level with P&L responsibility, we can help you formulate and plan your business model from the executive / partner level to the “feet on the ground experience” that gives senior management teams perspectives to use in their decision process.

PAG will work with you on goal setting, establishing milestones, setting expectations with investors (reasonable and aggressive), developing process flow maps, technology systems integration (design, implementation, and UAT testing),3rd party vendor management, operations management (ex: call center, VRU, letters, digital), staff allocation, product development, forecasting, and profit / loss impacts. In addition, our partners in the industry allow us to deliver the right vendors and partners to your door to meet your budgetary needs and to find you the right fit for your culture.

We partner with you to navigate each of your communication needs, from dealing with investors, working with vendors, contract negotiations and process design. We work with you on both the 5,000 ft. view and the ground-level view of your business. Your Goals become Our Goals. By understanding the lifecycle of your business, our goal is to provide you with an unbiased recommendation that meets your needs. At PAG, we welcome the challenge to meet these goals with you, as we take our clients success personally.

We have experience consulting and developing solutions in multiple diverse industries and have had success working in new niche opportunities where we have not had experience. Our experience and skills have helped us succeed in every venture and we look forward to partnering with you to meet every one of your goals. Below are some additional areas of experience, in addition to those explained in detail:

  • Investment Banking (Private Equity & Venture Capital)
  • Due Diligence
  • Automotive Sales
  • Motor Power sports
  • Education
  • Fin Tech
  • Member Organization
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Taxes / Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Non-Profit
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