Auto Product

Auto ProductPAG is rich with experience within the Auto Lending space. Any risk leader can advise on how to grow sales and the management of auto inventory when times are good. It takes knowledge and experience to manage to LTV targets with the insight and understanding of how to diversify one’s portfolio vehicle type. It takes resolve to dig into the lower credit tiers and not chase “book to look” and “book to approve” rates that are impacted by adverse selection. In addition to understanding your overall product model ( ie: captive finance company, indirect or direct lending entity), we know that your relationship with the dealerships are paramount to your success. We understand the business management taking place with the F&I offices of the dealers that are typically invisible to the lenders without proper due diligence and research.

At PAG we have walked hand in hand with the auto product through the growth period experienced in the pre-2006 economic boom, through the impact of Hurricane Katrina devastation, during the 2006-2008 economic crises and beyond. We have management experience guiding an indirect and direct auto portfolio with varying risk tiers through credit / originations, sales incentives, collections / loss mitigation efforts, repossession strategies, remarketing strategies, and auction strategies. We have been onsite to large auctions (i.e. Manheim, CarMax, Barrett-Jackson, etc…), worked with repo vendors, managed both internal and external reconditioning processes, internal & external remarketing processes, understand when and if you should allow redemptions and have lived through exhaustive title audits to prove ownership of vehicles. PAG is there to help you optimize your overall business strategy and portfolio, whether you specialize in deep sub-prime or prime auto lending.

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