Consulting Services

Credit Card Product

Our deep experience with all size portfolios for both Co-Branded and Branded credit card portfolios, enables PAG to deliver optimal solutions for businesses looking to optimize their compliance programs..Read More

Unsecured / Secured / Student Loans

The financial landscape since 2014 has seen a steep increase in the availability of credit in combination with historically low interest rates. Many companies have rushed to compete with…Read More

Mortgage / Home Equity

Market trends within mortgage lending today, dictate speed of delivery, low rates and conservative lending. PAG has worked with many partners to analyze their data to optimize returns…Read More

Casino Analytics

Traditionally, Casino operations have not fully utilized their access to data to drive decisions. Understanding probabilities of each individual game and machine is standard practice, but being…Read More

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics, at the risk of being cliché, is the wave of the present and the future. It is used in every aspect of sports today, whether it is evaluating new talent on the free-agent market or through…Read More

Private Label & Co-Brand Partner

We work extensively with partners to ensure their relationships with the banks are working at optimal efficiency. Helping them navigate the nuances of delivering a quality product to their…Read More

Auto Product

Auto lending is a continually growing industry, from the captives and their 0% offers, to the lenders contributing to the explosion of subprime auto loans. We will work with you to analyze opportunity for our partners enhance their…Read More

Healthcare Analytics

The Healthcare Services industry has experienced significant changes over the last decade, including technological advancements, financial viability and risk tolerance. It can help address these…Read More

MIS / Portfolio Analytics

Regardless of your industry, quality MIS & Portfolio Analytics is paramount to success. You need to be able to effectively assess where you have been, where you are and where you are heading…Read More

Business Consulting / Start ups

Start-ups, as well as established businesses with resource constraints, are always looking to leverage industry experience to complete projects and design processes..Read More

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