About Us

What we bring to the table

At PAG, you are getting senior level expertise to assist you with putting in place best in class business practices to develop strategic advantages. We are fully committed to not only meeting, but far exceeding your expectations. We work with you under the mindset of being your partner and sharing your goals. Our previous clients repeatedly turn to us for guidance and direction in their day to day business. Our Client’s Loyalty and Trust are commodities that we value and work hard to earn.

On a lighter side, we love analytics and data. We are passionate about analyzing trends and “telling a story”. We surround ourselves with a team of folks that have the inquisitive nature to seek and find the signal through the noise. At the same time, our executive level experience also allows us to see the forest through the trees, which is often overlooked when working with data and analytics. We bring to the table top level data scientists, as well as compliance experts, and other industry specialists in order to achieve our goals. We are collaborative and open minded to diverse or unique perspectives. We seek to find the 1% of reasons for why something can be done, not focusing on the 99% of reasons for why it can’t be done.

What we do

We design strategies by analyzing segments to identify trends from data received from various environments. With these profiles, we make forward looking statements, based on a combination of historical and business knowledge experience. We present our ideas and solicit buy-in by tying results to a financial bottom line, while taking into consideration the economic and industry environment. We execute this plan by hitting our goals within budget and established timelines, to put our clients in a strategically better position for tomorrow’s business – or, simply put another way, “we analyze tomorrow today”.

Who we are

Stephen Hoops

Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Hoops has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry; including Credit, Collections and Fraud Risk Management, Business Operations, Control & Compliance, Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Marketing Analytics. Read More

Dee Ridgeway

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

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Mr. Ridgeway has over 25 years of experience within the financial services industry; including Risk Management, Finance, Project Management, Compliance, MIS, IT and Operations. Read More

Dale Hoops

Chief Risk Officer

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Dale Hoops has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry; with focus in Risk Management, Collections, Fraud, Account Management Strategies, Loss Forecasting, stress testing and economic analysis. Read More

David LaRoche

Managing Director – US Operations

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Mr. LaRoche is a resourceful, results oriented Executive with over 24 years of financial services experience; emphasizing collections risk management, dialer operations, MIS and reporting analytics, acquisition strategies Read More

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