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Unsecured / Secured / Student Loans

The financial landscape since 2014 has seen a steep increase in the availability of credit in combination with historically low interest rates. Many companies have rushed to compete with Market Place Lenders and larger regional banks originating billions of dollars of loans annually. Additionally, the competitive landscape within the Student Lending market has transformed and requires deeper analytics than in the past. PAG has deep experience working with these companies to ensure the growth is responsible, profitable and within their true risk appetite.

Private Label & Co-Brand Partner

We work extensively with our partners to ensure their relationships with the banks are performing at optimal efficiency. Helping them navigate the nuances of delivering a quality product to their customers, while hitting your portfolio performance targets. In addition, with years of experience, we enable banks to enhance their strategic focus on managing partner relationships and portfolios, while ensuring their partner relationships are set-up for long-term success.

Business Consulting / Start Ups

Start-ups, as well as established businesses with resource constraints, are always looking to leverage industry experience to complete projects and design processes. Predictive Analytics Group has worked with several start-ups with many different needs. From reviewing their overall business model and providing feedback from a Risk Management, Regulatory & Compliance perspective to developing an end-to-end marketing & underwriting system. PAG looks to be your partner in any capacity or level of engagement you may need. Our teams of experts possess vast knowledge across multiple industries and disciplines, which allow us to provide you with the optimal resources to deliver high-quality results within your required timeline and budget.